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rivet nut

Category: Rivets & Self-Clinching,Rivet nuts
Metarial: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Al,Cu
Surface: Plain,Blue zn/white zn,Yellow zn
Place of Origin: Jinshan
Brand Name:
Payment Terms:

Shanghai Rivet Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer

Tel:  86-21-37286522
Fax:  86-21-37286066
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blind rivet nut hex rivet nut hexagon rivet nut knurled rivet nut
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Production range:
Specialized in rivet nut productionQuantity: customizedType: customizedDelivery: customizedWe are manufacturer Other rivets,,Rivet nuts,,Nylon Lock nuts,,Bar,,Other nuts, with high quality and competitive price.We will do our best to provide you with the most standard and comprehensive product information of fasteners.We can provided free samples

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